Sunday, December 20, 2015

Assignment 8

Assignment 8: Jamaica Inn Part 2

I really like horrible and mysterious story. The weird background music in Jamaica Inn created an atmosphere of tension and I really love it. In the story, after the death of Mary’s mother, Mary is invited by her Aunt to go and live with her and her husband. Mary's uncle is a fierce person, he ordered Mary must listen to him and intimidated her. He asked her must stay in bed and cover her ears with blanket when she hears wheels on the road in some nights. It seems like this Inn have some dirty work. Everything is strange and mysterious, it let me feel curious and I really want to listening it without stop!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Assignment 7

Assignment 7 The key to success

I think it's so true. I agree with the idea that grit is important to success. People who have passionate goals are much more likely to invest effort and persistence in doing what is needed to achieve those goals. Without grit, we are likely to give up when we meet some difficulties.
In my observation, success depends on persistence and diligence, they are inseparable from each other. Take my cousins's experience as an example, since he was a junior high school student, he get up at 3 a.m and go to sleep at 9 p.m , study at least 10 hours every weekends. Every time we visit his father, he just cloistered himself away with his books and stay in the room for the whole day. He's a doctor now. I really admire him from the bottom of my heart.
"No pain, no gain." Trying may not be succeed, but giving up is must be failed. I believe that as long as we have our own clear goals, and work hard continuously, everyone will get good results.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Assignment 6

Assignment 6: Find an English song that interests you and post its lyrics, audio file & video file to your blogs. Write your comments and the words that you learn from the song.
Plain White T's-"The Giving Tree"

All the leaves on the Giving Tree have fallen
No shade to crawl in underneath
I got scars from a pocket knife
Where you carved your heart into me

If all you wanted was love
Why would you use me up
Cut me down, build a boat, and sail away
When all I wanted to be was your giving tree
Settle down, build a home, and make you happy?

I lie in the dead of night and I wonder
Whose covers you're between
And it's sad laying in his bed
You feel hollow, so you crawl home back to me

If all you wanted was love
Why would you use me up
Cut me down, build a boat, and sail away
When all I wanted to be was your giving tree
Settle down, build a home, and make you happy?

Well, I see a trail that starts
A line of broken hearts behind you
That lead you back to me
The once sad and lonely fool
With nothing left but roots to show, oh

If all you wanted was love
Why would you use me up
Cut me down, build a boat, and sail away
When all I wanted to be was your giving tree
Settle down, build a home, and make you happy?
Settle down, build a home, and make you happy?

1. crawl (v.)to move forward on your hands and knees, with your body close to the ground.
e.g.She crawled under the fence.

2. underneath (n.)under or below something else.
e.g.There's a crack on the underneath of the bowl.

3. use up (phr.)to use all of something so that there is none left.
e.g.She used up the chicken bones to make soup.

4. hollow (adj.)having a hole or empty space inside.
e.g.The words he spoke sounded hollow and false.

5. trail (n.)a long line or series of marks that is left by somebody.
e.g.The wounded animal left a trail of blood behind it.

This song is based on the book "the giving tree"by Shel Silverstein. It is a story about a tree giving all she has to a boy. No matter what the boy want, the tree will give him without hesitation to make him happy. Every time the boy visits the tree, he takes something from the tree. Finally, the tree gives almost everything she has to the boy, and she has a stump left. I think it is a touching story because it lets people associate of maternal love. Though the boy grow up and seldom come to the tree, she is still love him, not for anything, just out of selfless love. The tree represents as mother, giving and receiving with not expectation of return.

Saturday, November 07, 2015


Assignment 5 Please try out 5 of the google syntax. Have you used Google syntax before? Do you think it’s helpful? How do you like it? 

Yes, I have used syntax before. I think it's implemented and extremely useful. When I want to find pictures, writes the report, shopping... I often used these searching tips so I can find information more efficiently. For instance, I can find a specific kind of file on google by giving in  "search item" filetype: pdf/doc/...., search for "X OR Y" will only give sites that have either the keyword X  or Y, but no pages contain both at once.These tips help a lot and let me to find exactly what I'm looking for easier.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Assignment 4 My notes on episode 1150: Avoiding topics in conversation.

1. settle down
to get married, to find a home, to start a family.

2. Speaking of      
( =talking of)

is an expression we use to introduce the topic that is related to what the other person said, but isn't exactly the same.

3. leg man
a man who might be attracted to women who have long beautiful legs.

4. And now for something completely different
one of the famous phrases in the show. It means people do something very funny they follow.

5. shed pounds
to lose weight.

6. cut out
to stop using something or to stop doing something.
e.g. cut out sweets→ to stop eating sweets.

7. My sentiments exactly     (=That's exactly how I feel.)
to agree completely with the other person.

8. get back at 
If you get back at someone or get them back, you do something unpleasant to them in order to have revenge for something unpleasant that they did to you.

My opinion
People are too easily offended these day. In the podcast, I think Lila said"you’re not getting any younger" is too impolite and she continually asking question about George's love life is definitely disrespectful. I always be aware of what I said when I talk because I really afraid of someone would be hurt by my words. I would avoid topics like people's physical appearance, politics, money, ages...for example, if someone looks plump, I would avoid the topics like fat or lose weight with him.
I think I can accept any topics when I chat with other people. I don't take it too seriously when people make offenses comments to me. Every time my friends play trick on me I just diffuse the situation with humor or agreeing with them.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Assignment 3 My thoughts and new findings on ESL Cyber Listening Lab

ESL Cyber Listening Lab is perfect for me!
I always try hard to remember the new words but forgot them easily. I found it is not only a good place to enhance my listening skills but also can memorize vocabulary words. When I listening, I can follow the speaker, thinking about what the speaker is saying and what is going on in the mind of the speaker, guessing the speaker’s opinion and attitude and catching the true meaning of the speaker’s words. Now I plan to spend an hours every day to listening the audio files, practice exercise for each conversation and read aloud and repeat it until I can recite it. I hope it can make my pronunciation more accurate and develop my language sense so I can choose the right answer when I exam without thinking too much of English grammar.

This week’s class we have learned the "schwa sound", it's quite fun! I don't know it before. I just took my English magazine and try some sentences but it heard really weird. XD

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Assignment:Look up 5 words that you don’t quite understand in the monolingual dictionary.
1. decent
e.g. Are there any decent restaurants around here?

2. butcher
e.g. Many western countries raise and butcher a large number of beef cattle.

3. trim
e.g. It is possible to trim off any blank area after printing .

4. voila
e.g. Come back to your seat , put your glasses back on and voila.

5. prank
e.g. I got a phone call this afternoon . l think it was a prank call.